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Alchemy of Light

  • Muse House Retreat 4332 Tujunga Avenue Studio City, CA, 91604 United States (map)
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Alchemy of Light

with Clare Fawn

Seeing signs along your journey…

Join Clare Fawn at Muse House Retreat as she guides you on your personal path to transcendence.

Our Angels and Guides are always trying to communicate with us, but it is ultimately up to us to notice these signs and messages. When a sign or message is given, we are presented with a choice - to take this sign and do something with it or keep going about our day and chalk it up to coincidence. Through awareness and understanding of symbols, we can better understand the messages we are given and how we are being guided to transform our lives and behaviors.

Spiritual alchemy is about freeing your spiritual self which can be trapped within you by the aspects of yourself you have yet to move past. Alchemy can also be understood as creating something through a magical process. We all have inner light and can transform our lives out of darkness and into light. We can all become lighter and our light always become brighter. 

In this workshop, we will discuss how important it can be to surrender to the guidance of our Masters, Teachers, Loved Ones, Angels, and Guides. We will explore symbolism our guides may use as a means to communicate. Attendees will each receive a short Tarot reading. Following the reading, Clare will blend a transformative herbal infusion alchemized with plant, gem, and any animal essences she intuitively feels would benefit each participant. She believes this can aid in the healing and transformation process of awakening and processing of guidance. 

What to Bring   

Please bring a notebook, pen, your favorite tea or coffee mug, and a yoga mat or comfy bolster.

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