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New Moon Manifestation

  • Muse House Retreat 4332 Tujunga Avenue Studio City, CA, 91604 United States (map)
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Clare Fawn

Transcendental Tarot Reader & Intuitive Healer

Clare Fawn is a Transcendental Tarot Reader and Intuitive Healer based in Los Angeles, CA. She has been connected to the spirit world ever since she was a child and has been working with the tarot since she was twelve, when she bought her first deck. Using the tarot as a divination tool, the cards act as a guide, as Clare channels information from the angelic realms. She uses her clairvoyance, claircognizance, clairaudience and her natural ability to tap into the unseen world, as well as connect to the clients’ guides, angels, and ascended masters. Clare will share what visions and messages come to her during the reading as well as “final thoughts” from your spiritual team - her favorite way to end a session. Her readings can help clients gain clarity, find answers to their questions, and also act as a form of therapy. 

Her Alchemy of Light sessions use energetic essences, specifically blended for the client, to turn the reading into a transformative and healing experience.

Clare is a certified Reiki Practitioner attuned by Madre Jaguar. In her healing sessions, she uses her intuition to find what the client needs in their physical, emotional, and energetic bodies. Clare uses crystals, reiki, and tuning forks to balance the chakras. She will share what areas she senses are in need of more attention as well as every day ways to help balance those chakras. Clients leave feeling refreshed, relaxed, and more balanced.

You can find out more about her on her website and Instagram @clare.fawn.