Located in Tujunga Village
4332 Tujunga Ave. Studio City, CA 91604

About Muse House Retreat

The Muse House Retreat offers a beautifully curated event space designed by renowned Serendipity Gift Shop owner Ashlan Cristoph. Artfully combining retail, healing arts, and metaphysical elements, The Muse House Retreat crafts an idyllic environment for gathering, mindful relaxation, and deep inner healing alongside a curated collection of gifts, home goods, and teas designed to encourage holistic wellness and celebrate the spirit of community.

Ashlan Cristoph brings 15 years of successful business-building and design experience, along with a keen attention to detail and passion for health and wellness, to The Muse House Retreat. “Our environment and the things with which we surround ourselves become who we are. I want to share with this community my gift and passion for creating beautiful spaces that carry enriching, healing energy focused on supporting a healthy, positive life.”

True to her intention, The Muse House Retreat creates a peaceful, sacred space for community members to come together, find holistic healing elements to enrich their lifestyles, and experience the meaningful, life-changing work of community healers. Upon entering the all-new Tujunga Village location, guests will find a dedicated display of hand-picked wellness merchandise, such as a crystal bar, handmade silk incense crafted by local artisan United Other, potted plants and succulents, cards, books, and other in-demand items.

Inside The Muse House Retreat, visitors are invited to experience a healing room dedicated to the transformational work of Reiki, readers, Akashic records, and more. Feel inspired in the intention room, where visitors can immerse themselves in the continuous “pure love frequency” of 528 hz vibrations. This perfectly balanced sound is ideal for meditation and intention-setting with one of The Muse House Retreat’s wide selection of healing crystals and jewelry.

At the tea wall, a dedicated herbalist guides visitors on a personalized journey through a unique, hand-selected variety of curated teas promoting all aspects of well-being. A beautifully adorned event space featuring a tepee, authentic rugs, and Morrocan pillows creates a breathtaking and memorable backdrop for baby and bridal showers, parties, fundraisers, team-building, and healing sessions.